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    п»їHow to improve your sexual relations: 5 keys that will open the doors of paradise
    The passage of time (and the monotony that this entails) or the lack of experience are two of the greatest pleasure inhibitors we know. If either of you is consuming your sexual desire, take note of our advice!

    We all like to improve and grow, but when it comes to sex, there are many taboos that prevent us from enjoying 100% of our relationships. And is that when we meet someone is all passion and passion, but whether we do not know how to channel it well or if we always repeat the same movements, all this will be a tedious monotony when a few months pass. That is why today we are going to give you some tips to improve your sexual relations and enjoy a lot more in bed. Some may already imagine you, but we assure you that if you put them into practice, you will immediately notice the difference.

    1. Practice, practice, practice
    Obviously, the practice makes you better at something. With sex, the same thing happens. Do not practice new postures simply because you do not get well, it will never make you better in bed. So we suggest that the next time you make love with your partner, choose together some of these positions of kamasutra and probeis. Start with something different from what you normally do but more or less simple, and practice again and again. The angle of penetration, for example, will make you enjoy differently each time and have new sensations.
    Discover: the best rated sexual lubricants? For example, according to the shape of your partner’s penis, there are more recommended positions than others (because if it is curved stimulates a different area of ​​the vagina than if it is straight). In the same way there are more indicated positions for big penises and others for small penises. So with this information is only practice, practice and practice until you find what most satisfies you.
    Discover: Kamasutra: the best positions of the Kamasutra

    2. A little innovation in ALL areas We talked a moment ago about penetration but, what about everything else? Sex is not limited to that, and if you do not stop in the preliminaries or in other types of sexual practices that do not necessarily have to do with intercourse, you will be losing a world full of possibilities. Take note of our ideas to practice oral sex, for example, or why not, innovate trying new things like annilingus or the kiss of Singapore. Not exploring any path of pleasure with curiosity and without prejudice will turn your relationships into a succession of repetitive moments that end up extinguishing anyone’s sexual appetite.
    Discover: Rare sexual practices that you should try once in your life

    A vibrator in the form of lipstick? It exists and you can buy it here.3. Also focus on the strengths … Of course, you do not have to propose to improve in your sexual relationships like the one that puts on math exercises to get good grades. It’s about enjoying, and if you start to innovate more and practice more frequently, you will not always do things that you like. If you try something new that simply does not go with you, you do not need to insist. Focus on the new ways of pleasure that if they make you enjoy more in your relationships, and of course explore from other angles that which excites you or excites your partner. That is, if you enjoy oral sex, why not do it from different angles? Here are a few ideas to vary your posture. Combine the innovation in sex with what more pleasure it produces for you to be able to reach orgasm without seeing this sexual training as an obligation.
    Discover: the most economical vibrators on the market4. Work the confidence Little or nothing will advance your sexual relations if you do not work to the maximum the confidence of a couple. Being able to talk quietly about what excites you, how you feel, your fantasies or your desires is essential to enjoy sex without any taboos. Maybe you miss him a bit harder in bed, or maybe it’s just the opposite and you’re looking forward to becoming a dominatrix. In any case, nothing like talking about these issues to start trying new things …
    Discover: Kamasutra of Fifty Shades of Gray: Do you dare with these postures?
    В© Fifty Shades of Gray
    And the same thing that we associate with something like the intensity of relationships can be associated with a thousand different aspects, such as filias or sexual phobias. Maybe you want to do something that you have never dared to verbalize, but think that until you do not you can never enjoy 100% so think: if you do not share that with your partner, with whom you will share it if do not?
    Innovate with your partner using this luminous die with 12 Kamasutra5 postures. Take care of the small details And of course, beyond sex, the environment is fundamental. Caring for small details like the place where you make love can make a substantial difference. If you think your relationships can improve, take care of aspects such as eroticism (do not do it with socks, use a suitable light, put on some sexy lingerie, etc.), the moment (after a romantic dinner, by candlelight) , or here I catch you here I kill you by surprise in the shower or on the sofa), and of course, fill your relationships with small accessories that make the situation more exciting. For example, a little melted chocolate, some lubricant that makes everything softer, an oil to give an erotic massage … Or, why not, some toy with which to experiment …
    Discover: Top 100 sex toys: what do you stay with?

    Discover: the most popular male vibrators of AmazonPon in practice these five tips, and the orgasm will be assured!
    Practice the Kamasutra in summer!

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    п»їOnanism and autoerotism, the pleasure at your fingertips
    We tell you everything you should know about this pleasant practice.

    When we think about sexual desire, we usually imagine two or more people together. However, the sexual relationship is not the only means of reaching the seventh heaven; we can also enjoy and give pleasure with onanism. And thank goodness that it is so because if not, what would many singles and single girls do? This is where this practice comes into play, under a strange term that for many is known, simply, as masturbation. The practice of onanism is widespread among men, but it is still a somewhat taboo subject for women, although fortunately this is changing and more and more people are assuming without shame that they enjoy their sexuality with or without a partner. And these little friends have a lot to do with it, too.
    Discover: Top 100 sex toys: what do you stay with?

    And you know what they say, there’s nothing better than doing things yourself! Then we help you discover your body and we talk about male and female masturbation methods to try to feel the maximum pleasure without taboos … Take note!
    Onanism in women Although not long ago it was a tabo that few women decided to break, the truth is that today is something as assumed as male masturbation. The feminine onanism requires something more than man, yes, and also requires a greater knowledge of one’s own intimacy than in the case of men, but the truth is that women have different erogenous zones that are worth exploring. . And we do not say it, it’s proven that it has a few benefits.
    With toys or without them, fewer and fewer women are afraid of enjoying their sexuality alone …
    Whether you are single or as a couple, the truth is that practicing onanism is recommended in all those who want to fully enjoy their sex life, as a couple can practice to keep their sexual life active, knowing what is what else we like or simply, enjoy ourselves for a while. Many women are also excited to masturbate in front of their partner or that she herself is the one who practices onanism, that not everything has to be penetration!
    Below we give you a few ideas to enjoy it. Give the play to this sensual music … And enjoy!
    Discover: The best songs to make love: practice sex to the rhythm of music
    Revolutionary Road
    Number 1: lying on the back, one hand (or both) caresses the clitoris. The rhythm and pressure of the movements is very personal, and is always done in the same way.
    Number 2: lying face down on the belly, one or two hands stimulate the clitoris.
    Number 3: a soft object can be used to rub the clitoris.
    The other possibilities, less widespread, are: join the thighs to excite the clitoris, massage the area of ​​the clitoris with a small stream of water, use a vibrator or even penetrate the vagina with your fingers or an object. Clitoral stimulation is the most widespread way to obtain sexual pleasure. Vaginal penetration is not usually practiced during masturbation, but remember that it is about enjoyment, so do what excites you the most …
    Male Onanism For a young boy it is very easy to discover onanism: his sex is before him, he can see the erections, touch his penis … Therefore, he quickly realizes how pleasurable masturbation is and the result is that At age 18, 90% of men know masturbation. For a man, masturbating allows him to learn to delay orgasm, to improve control over ejaculation.
    In the case of men, as happens with women, masturbation is performed during relationships in solitude or singleness, being usual practice with a partner. If you want to discover something more about male sexuality, we recommend you also discover some of these erotic novels.
    Discover: Erotic novels
    Fifty shades of Gray
    The way to masturbate in a man is very similar, although there are several types of penis and may vary depending on whether you are circumcised or not. You can also achieve enormous pleasure by stimulating the testicles or rubbing the glans, although this is extremely personal. These are three common forms of male onanism.
    Number 1: manual masturbation. A hand holds the penis and moves it forward and backward. The gesture tries to emulate the movements of a sexual relationship with penetration.
    Number 2: lying on the belly, the man rubs the penis against something, a sheet, a cushion …
    Number 3: a water jet is used to stimulate the penis in the shower or in a jacuzzi (although in the end the ejaculation still involves manual movement).
    14 ways to practice the Kamasutra in summer:

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    п»їDouble life, naughty photos, pimping … These scandals that have splashed politics
    While the case FranГ§ois Hollande / Julie Gayet is currently igniting the media and political world in France, it is clear that heads of state are obviously subscribed to “scandals”. While some stories are about privacy, like that of the President, it still moves the people. And what to say when these scandals involve dubious sexual practices … The hidden life of FranГ§ois Mitterrand
    Francois Hollande

    born on the 12/08/1954
    li See the biography li
    li See his photos li
    In France, heads of state have almost all, in turn, the expenses of the curiosity of the tabloids. If the divorce of Nicolas Sarkozy and CГ©cilia Attias and the remarriage of the former President with the singer and model Carla Bruni have caused their headline lot, when talking about scandal related to privacy, we immediately think of FranГ§ois Mitterrand and his hidden daughter Mazarine Pingeot he had with Anne Pingeot, curator at the MusГ©e d’Orsay. It is on November 3, 1994 that Paris Match reveals its existence as well as the double life that led the politician. But while most journalists and the political class was already aware, it is Mitterrand himself who authorizes the broadcast of the famous photo where he is seen leaving the restaurant with his daughter.
    Dominique Strauss-Kahn: Businessman More recently, it is Dominique Strauss-Kahn, big favorite of the socialist primaries for the presidency of 2018 and the two cases which imply it that have shook politics, even diplomatic relations between France and the United States. On May 14, 2018, while staying in a Sofitel hotel in New York, the director of the IMF (since replaced by Christine Lagarde) is accused of sexual assault, attempted rape and sequestration by a maid, Nafissatou Diallo. According to her, the politician forced him to give him a blowjob in her room where she came to clean. If the charges are later dropped into criminal, it is a financial agreement between the two parties that will close the civil case that has been much in the news and even inspired an episode of the famous series New York Special Unit. It will also have resurfaced an old case involving Tristane Banon who had, a few years earlier, accused the socialist of attempted rape, before initiating legal proceedings, dismissed. However, in France, DSK quickly returned to the legal difficulties by being in the heart of the case of Carlton Lille, this time for pimping. This year he should be sent to the correctional system for “aggravated procuring in a meeting” with 12 other people involved. Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky: Oval Office Below In the United States , how not to remember the case of Bill Clinton and his trainee at the White House Monica Lewinski! On August 17, 1998, under investigation by independent prosecutor Kenneth Starr concerning a relationship the President allegedly had with a certain Paula Jones in the past, he admitted to having had an “improper relationship” with the trainee between 1995 and 1997. The latter will later reveal that they have never slept together and that they were only blowjobs practiced in the Oval Office. But we do not remember as well Gary Hart, this aspiring Democratic presidential candidate in 1987, forced to withdraw his candidacy after the press revealed that he had cheated on his wife with a young model. If he returns in the race a few months later, he finishes last among the other candidates of his party. The naughty correspondences of Anthony Weiner Unknown abroad and perhaps even in his own country, New York Democrat Anthony Weiner is propelled in spite of himself in the spotlight after a blunder that will cost his political credibility a great deal. And all because of an unfortunate tweet. But what a tweet! On May 27, 2018, the 47-year-old man, married to a close collaborator of Hillary Clinton, post on his public account a link to a very suggestive photo showing a closeup of his penis, visibly erect, in a tight-fitting underpants Grey. But this shot was intended for a young woman and not his followers, or even his wife. “I’ve been exchanging explicit messages and photos with about six women over the past three years,” he later confessed at a news conference before resigning from his congressional seat. However, the humiliation does not stop there and while announcing to present to the city hall of New York, new shots and new interlocutors resurfaced, compelling him to declare publicly that he would be treated and change of behavior, without ever losing the support of his wife. Silvio Berlusconi, Ruby and his bunga-bunga In May 210, a young woman of 18 years, Karima El Mahroug, suspected of stealing € 3,000, is arrested by the police. This professional dancer, known by the pseudonym Ruby, is then released by express order from the President of the Council who claims that she is the niece of Hosni Mubarak and that a diplomatic incident should be avoided. What he seeks to hide in reality is the involvement of the young woman in his fine parties, also called “bunga-bunga”, organized in one of his villas near Milan. Ruby was then a minor and was invited, for a fee, to deliver sexual services to the Cavaliere. On 24 June 2018, Silvio Berlusconi is sentenced to seven years in prison as well as life ineligibility for incitement to prostitution and abuse of authority. The Rubygate will be worth, in addition, to convince his wife to divorce. Rape and sodomy In 2018, a former employee accuses the president of the Israeli state Moshe Katsav of rape . The facts go back to the 90s, when the politician was Minister of Tourism. While his relatives and some collaborators denounce a plot and that the head of state lodges a complaint against the accuser for blackmail, he asks for his temporary suspension in 2018. It is after a trial of 4 years that he is finally sentenced to 7 years in prison for raping his subordinate. He appeals, but his sentence will be confirmed a few months later. Canaan Banana, the first post-independence president of the State of Zimbabwe in 1980, is accused of sodomy on his subordinates (aides-de-camp) in 1996. male, bodyguards, a cook and a gardener) while he was at the helm of the country. After fleeing his country, he was sentenced to ten years in prison in 1999, including one year in prison. During this case, it will be revealed that the former president was homosexual repressed and that he was enjoying his position. However, sodomy, and more generally homosexuality, in Zimbabwe is considered a crime and current and then-President Robert Mugabe has never concealed his “hatred” of homosexuals. On June 29, 2018, a former counsel lodged a complaint for sodomy against Anwar Ibrahim, former Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister. If he denies the accusations and denounces a political machination to weaken and slow down the opposition he leads, he still faces 20 years in prison. But January 2018, after a long trial, a court declares him not guilty.
    В© Getty
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    п»їContraceptive pill: what to do in case of forgetting?
    Forget taking one or several contraceptive pills is something more common than you think, but it is important to know how to act to prevent certain risks.

    Since the pill was legalized in Spain, back in 1978, this contraceptive method has become the most used by women in our country. Its main function is to prevent pregnancy thanks to the release of hormones (progesterone and estrogens) that prevent ovulation from occurring. Although this is not the only reason why it is taken, because the pill can also help regulate menstruation, avoid excessive bleeding, or control acne, among other things.

    The first pill is taken on the first day of menstruation and the intake is continued until the blister is finished. One pill a day, at about the same time. There are blisters that include seven more placebo pills, which are taken during the rest week and others that are not. So far everything seems easy and is something that most of the women who take it are known by heart, but what happens when you forget to take one or more pills? Depending on the week in which you find yourself, whether you have had sexual relations before or not, or the number of pills you have forgotten to take, we must take into account a series of guidelines.

    If less than 12 hours have passed since the time of taking … In this case, contraceptive protection does not decrease. What we should do is take the tablet as soon as we remember and continue taking the other pills at the usual time.
    If more than 12 hours have passed since the time of taking … If more than 12 hours have passed since the time you should have taken the pill, contraceptive protection may be diminished. The more tablets you forget to take, the less protection you get from pregnancy. The risk also increases if the forgotten tablet belongs to the start or end of the cycle (first or last row of pills). There are different methods of acting according to the prospects of contraceptive pills:
    If you have forgotten to take a pill in the first week: take it as soon as you remember, even if that means having to take two tablets at a time (that is, although the time you remember to take the forgotten tablet coincides with the time when you should take the next one). Then continue taking the pill as usual and use another contraceptive method (condom) for the next seven days. If you have had sexual intercourse the seven days before forgetting the pill, there could be a risk of pregnancy.
    If you forgot to take a pill in the second week: in this case the risk of pregnancy is lower. Take the pill as soon as you remember, even if you have to take two at once, as in the previous case. If the seven days before forgetting you have taken the pill correctly, it is not necessary to use another contraceptive method when maintaining relationships.
    If you have forgotten to take a pill in the third week: in this case there are two procedures of action. Or take the forgotten pill as soon as you remember and then continue taking the rest of pills as usual. When finishing the blister you should start with the next one, thus deleting the rest week. Or you can choose to stop taking the tablets of the current blister and go directly to the rest week. After those seven days, start again a new blister of pills.
    The tricks to not forget the pill
    Taking the pill should become a reflex, like brushing your teeth, brushing your hair … So take it at a specific time: before or after the meal, with the morning coffee, before going to bed or at the same time as another treatment , If that’s the case.
    A reminder: nothing better than the mobile! Program an alarm that sounds every day at a certain time to remind you of the shot.
    Do not forget to have a blister at home and take another one in your bag, in case you make an unexpected departure.
    If forgetfulness is frequent, choose to change to another contraceptive method that does not require a daily reminder. The vaginal ring, although not covered by Social Security, can be a very good alternative for the most clueless. Consult with your doctor for more information.

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    п»їDiabetes if it impacts on sex life
    Sexuality is an integral part of the daily life of people, so it is very important to achieve good glycemic control and have good communication with your partner, as this will give you enough confidence to achieve any complex that diabetes can cause.
    People who take insulin need to consider and plan the effects of sexual activity on their general condition, especially in the drop in sugar that can occur after sex.
    We advise you the following measures to prevent this reaction:
    -Check your sugar level before starting sex. No matter how annoying it may seem, it is preferable to having to treat a sugar drop later.
    – Eat something just before or immediately after active sex, in the same way you do with physical exercise.
    -Consider taking a snack before going to bed.
    To reach full orgasm
    Those people who use an insulin pump may want to disconnect it during sexual intercourse to avoid a reaction to the lowering of sugar. The length of time that the pump can be disconnected without injections will depend on its level of activity during the disconnection time.
    The psychological factors on how diabetes is lived and how life adapts to the disease significantly affect the sexual relationship. Diabetes can have an impact on self-esteem and personal image, promote negative feelings of insecurity, of being different, of having lost attractiveness and capacity for seduction and fear of rejection.
    There is a large amount of information about the benefits of practicing exercise in different areas of life and the sexual aspect is one of them.
    The reason is that during sports practice there is a rise in blood testosterone, which reaches its maximum level after 30 or 40 minutes of training. Thanks to the increase of this hormone is that they experience greater desire to have sexual encounters.

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    п»їSexual postures for Valentine’s Day
    If what you want is to enjoy a romantic Valentine, it is likely that you have already started thinking about how to celebrate it with your partner. It is likely that you feel it is a special day because, like it or like less, it is the moment in which the day of lovers is celebrated. But in addition to thinking about the most romantic details, maybe also think about other things no less important, such as, for example, sexual postures.
    Take advantage of Valentine’s Day to try the hottest postures
    After enjoying a good Valentine’s Day, you can not forget the importance of enjoying the passion that also unites you as a couple. For this reason, if you want to surprise your partner with hot and very interesting sexual postures, do not miss this selection we offer you.
    Celestial Scissors To perform this sexual position, you will have to lay on your side with your head close to the other’s feet. He will slide under your leg, put his thigh between your legs and move the pelvis so that penetration can be easy.
    How to make this position incredible? Make sure you are both clean (better if you are newly showered) and that you feel comfortable in front of your nudity. Use your hands to caress your partner’s body.
    The side positions are very intimate and generate great connection with the couple
    This side position is ideal to have an intimate sex, to maintain good eye contact and also, you can see your partner get excited. Also, being able to see the penetration and the face of your partner of pleasure, will make the environment warm up at times.
    Teaspoon sexy The skin is the largest organ of the human body and only for this, should be taken into account in sexual relations. When there is a skin-to-skin sexual union in the couple, the connection is much stronger and more intimate.
    Making the spoon can be a good position to wake up in the morning, but also to enjoy good sex. In this position you can start by stimulating the erogenous zones with your hand while soft kisses are given around the neck, neck or shoulders. In addition, the man can caress from behind the woman’s breasts and also her entire body. Without a doubt, it is a very exciting position.
    San Valentin is the ideal day to unleash your imagination in bed
    In this position, the couple is on their side facing the same direction while he penetrates from behind (through the vagina). Getting this position is incredible is easy, since you just have to enjoy the touch skin to skin and ensure that the penetration is smooth to avoid unnecessary damage. This position is also very intimate and facilitates a special connection in the couple.
    Yab Yum This sexual posture is also an ideal posture for Valentine’s Day because it also connects intimately with the couple. It is a sexual position where the man must sit with his legs crossed and she sits on his lap and wraps her legs around his partner’s waist. The soles of the feet should be touched and the arms also envelop the couple. Little by little, the woman is penetrated in this position and smooth and repetitive movements are performed.
    For this position to be a success, it is important to place a pillow under the buttocks and thus have an additional support and even, in this way, you can get a different angle. It is a tantric position that will make you connect with your partner to a higher level.
    Enjoy with your partner this day in the best way possible
    This position is great because the couple can maintain a great visual contact, kiss and caress each other. This position allows a deep connection to have a prolonged and very special sexual experience. Therefore, this position is ideal for Valentine’s Day. The couple can make their bodies oscillate together while supporting each other thus increasing not only the intimate connection, but also the sexual pleasure.

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    How can a man learn to be multi-orgasmic?
    Enjoy this new challenge with your partner
    In Bekia we explained previously the truth that a man can be multi-orgasmic. Like women, men can learn to know their body and their own sensations in order to achieve a greater pleasure, or at least repeated, when practicing sex. For that reason we want to share with you the way in which you can learn to have more than one orgasm in the same sexual relationship, but it will be necessary to have patience and be willing to break the conceptions you had about the male orgasm. Above all, we put emphasis on the fact that not all men find pleasure in having multiple orgasms, so it is not necessary to carry out this “bed practice” if the idea does not appeal to us.
    Orgasm and ejaculation, together but not scrambled The first step to be multiorgasmic is to know the difference between orgasm and ejaculation. Classically we had the idea or conception that both phenomena are the same, and that it is the ejaculation that provokes that sensation of maximum excitation as it is the orgasm. But it is not like that, as well as the man has experienced in all his sexual experiences, when the moment of orgasm arrives, a few seconds pass until the ejaculation begins.
    Specifically, the orgasm is the release of sexual tension, by contracting the muscles, with a sensation of maximum pleasure, and the ejaculation is the expulsion of the semen manufactured and accumulated in the testicles. Both processes are regulated by the autonomic nervous system, that is, when continuous stimulation of the penis is performed (usually), these two responses are triggered automatically. The ejaculation and consequent emptying of the testicles is followed by the so-called refractory period, which is necessary for the penis to have an erection again, and which makes it impossible for most men to have sexual intercourse twice in a row. However, the male orgasm is not followed by a refractory period, so sex is not interrupted with it.
    Sex is an aspect of intimate life that can also be improved
    Masturbation as a way to explore Tantric sex is known for its control of ejaculation, which is part of a wider tradition that uses sex as meditation and a path to achieve personal fulfillment. However, it is not necessary to follow these teachings to learn to be multi-orgasmic, for example this type of practice requires that the man is lying on the bed with the woman on top, but it will not be necessary to do so. The orgasm does not stop being a physiological process that we learn to modulate, just as women also do to have more orgasms or enjoy more of their sexual relations.
    The path to orgasm or dry multiorgasm is self exploration with masturbation, and we must be aware that this learning takes time. Through masturbation, man must learn, little by little, to differentiate the sensation of pleasure from orgasm and that of ejaculation. We will do it sitting or lying in bed, relaxed, and we will provoke the stimulation of the penis (or other areas that cause pleasure, such as the testicles) until we reach a level of excitement close to orgasm. At this time we will make the stimulation slower, and stop when the orgasm is about to be triggered, then continue slowly until we want to provoke it and, then, we will pay attention to the difference between both sensations.
    It will offer you greater satisfaction and new experiences
    Exercise the pubococcygeus muscle One practice that the man must carry out to learn to control the ejaculation is to strengthen and exercise the pubococcygeal muscle (PC), which is the one that goes from the base of the spine or coccyx to the base of the penis. The exercises are very simple, they are called Kegel exercises and also practiced by women. They consist of doing the same movement of contraction that we would do when we are urinating and we want to interrupt the flow of urine, so we would start practicing them when we urinate, and once we know how the contraction is, practice them at other times, for example, relaxed in the bed.
    We will start doing between 20 and 25 contractions a day, for two weeks. After we will hold two seconds of tension between one contraction and another, and the next two weeks we will be holding between 5 and 10 minutes more. We should not make a bigger effort because it is a muscle and we could overload it. This will give us more control over the ejaculation when it takes place.
    Preparing for orgasm Once we have learned to differentiate both sensations, and have exercised for a while the PC muscle, we would start to try to make that contraction when the orgasm begins. We will accompany these contraction movements with a slow and deep breath. We have to keep in mind that accelerated breathing prepares us for orgasm, and we can control it by trying to make it deeper and calmer.
    Thus, when the stimulation of the penis leads to the moment of orgasm, and this of beginning, we will perform just before the ejaculation a contraction movement of the pubococcygeus muscle, which will also contract the penis, together with a deep inspiration. We will feel the orgasm but the ejaculation will not take place. That will make sure that there is no refractory period and the man can continue with the sexual relationship, until the moment he wants to have another similar orgasm, or as many as he wants or can (because the tension and relaxation of the muscles at such level will also tire us, and sex is not eternal), until you want to climax with ejaculation, and then penis stimulation will be temporarily over.
    Multiorgasm is not only women’s exclusivity
    Practice with your partner There is a classic technique of control of ejaculation consisting of tightening the perineum, the region between the base of the penis and the anus, under the testicles, when the orgasm begins. It is not very recommendable the pressure of that area in the long term, so we have this other technique to be able to have a new experience in sex.
    It is very likely that the first few times we try we will not be able to avoid ejaculation, but it is a question that we can only learn with time, patience and much experimentation. However much we explain with words such as learning to be multi-orgasmic, it is the man himself who, through practice, will know better how his body responds and what little tricks will help him achieve this “dry orgasm”, especially since each person and each body are different.

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    I have broken the condom when making love: what can I do?
    The condom is the most used contraceptive method in the world because in addition to avoiding pregnancies prevents contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Its effectiveness is very high, 97%, but occasionally there can be accidents while sex is practiced. They happen a few times but they can always be given, so it is important to know how to respond in such a situation.
    The effectiveness of the condom is 97% so it can cause an accident
    One of those accidents is that the condom breaks, something that can be due to several reasons, which are mainly due to improper use by the couple at the time of making love and endangering health. In case you find yourself in this situation it is important that you know how to react to continue having safe sex and enjoy the pleasure of the encounter.
    Low chance of breakage The chances of a condom breaking while having sex are very low. There are studies that speak of one or two of every hundred times and as we commented previously in most of the cases it is due to the inappropriate use of condoms. Therefore it is important to know how to use them to avoid accidents that may have an impact on health. First goes security and then pleasure.
    Condom manufacturers subject them to various quality tests so it is very difficult for a defective condom to reach the market. Even so, and in order to be sure that it does not happen to you, it is important to check that there are no breaks or holes when placing it. Also follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding its conservation (keep it in a cool place, away from direct light) so that it is in the best conditions and meet the expiration date for the same reasons.
    Condoms are subjected to various quality tests
    Why it breaks in sex When it comes to sex, you have to be careful when you take it out of the package and place it because it can break if, for example, you use your mouth to open it the ones. It is necessary to avoid that the passion and the excitement for pleasure is a danger for safe sex. If at any time you see that the condom may be defective or broken, it is best to throw it away and take another, so there will be no doubt that safe sex is practiced.
    Other reasons why a condom can be broken is that it is used for too long or to maintain more than one relationship, something that all manufacturers deny can be done. They are for single use and once used have to be discarded. Otherwise, safe sex would not be practiced.
    For the condom to work, it must be used only once and at the right time. Thus it should not take long to remove it after the erection, otherwise it could be lowered and allow the exit of semen. The same happens when placing it, you do not have to wait long to avoid premature escapes. It is best to do it as soon as the erection becomes evident and remove it when it is detected that it has been lost. In case of recovering it, it will be enough to use a new one.
    It is necessary to take into account the lubrication because of not having it the condom can get to break by the friction in the moment of pleasure. But if an artificial lubricant is used and is in contact with the condom for a long time, a break can also occur.
    You should always practice safe sex but that does not mean placing two condoms
    When it comes to practicing safe sex, there is a certain belief that if two condoms are used, the protection will be greater and completely uncertain. The contrary circumstance occurs and it is a danger for the health of the couple since the friction of both can make them break so they will not be protected against an unwanted pregnancy and their health will be put at risk because of the possibility of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.
    How to react If you detect that the condom has been broken before practicing sex, it is enough to throw it away and use another one that is in good condition. If the break is seen after making love, something that usually happens, you have to take another series of measures after making love. The first thing is not to panic and think coldly.
    The danger is that once the condom has been broken semen has been transmitted so the first thing that is recommended is to clean it in order to eliminate any risk that might remain. In the case of a heterosexual couple, you should go to the doctor or a family planning center to request the pill of the day afterwards. Once the case is explained, they will prescribe the pill that must be taken within 72 hours of having had a sexual relationship.
    Keep in mind that this is not a contraceptive method, you can not resort to it on a regular basis. It is an emergency measure when contraceptive methods fail to make love.
    The pill prevents pregnancy but not the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. If the couple is monogamous and knows that neither of them has a venerea to transmit, there is no fear of contagion. But before the possibility that either it is or it is about casual sex the best thing is to also go to the doctor. Again it is explained that there has been an accident while practicing sex and the doctor will determine what tests you have to submit, they can even prescribe some type of treatment before a possible infection.
    The breaking of the condom is not common, in fact more accidents occur among the less experienced than among those who use this method of contraception on a regular basis. If the manufacturer’s instructions are followed and used properly, there should be no fear of a possible accident during the practice of safe sex. And even if this happens, you do not have to lose your bed and know that there are other types of contraceptive measures that can be used urgently and exceptionally.

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    Parents in spite of divorce: family mediation
    Custody can make the family situation after the divorce untenable
    When a couple takes the difficult road of divorce, many problems arise. If this is added to the circumstance that there are children involved, the situation can be further aggravated, because it is still a father or mother despite the spousal rupture and children should not suffer collateral damage for it.

    Every day, joint custody is imposed in Spain. This means reaching a multitude of agreements and assignments between two people who have just separated their paths and ended with a relationship that had become untenable, for the benefit of a common child, with this custody procuring equal distribution among parents of the responsibility of the minor, guaranteeing his stability and the continuation of his routines and social environment to the greatest extent possible.
    Also in the case of the custody of the mother with visits from the father, many of these judicial agreements do not satisfy both parents equally, causing many problems that end up negatively affecting the child in common, also breaking the parents’ respect. and the understanding required for the good of the child, amen of the personal and economic calvary due to multiple complaints either for breach of the visitation regime, for non-payment of pensions, or for non-compliance with civil measures signed in the regulatory agreement.
    The role of the family mediator When parents can not come to a common agreement by themselves, many psychologists recommend, if necessary, that they go to the services of a family mediator, who has the function of help both parents equally, avoiding conflict and mutual reproaches, trying to reach a negotiation from the collaboration, and to take into account the interests of each party, in a framework of equality.
    With mediation you can achieve that the initial confrontation becomes dialogue and conflicts end up being problems with solution, this is the solution that both parents have reached thanks to professional mediation.
    With this they can avoid having to leave the final decision in the hands of a judge, although they know the laws perfectly, they surely do not know the child of the broken pair or their real needs, but their action is based on applying laws and standard measures according to the current regulations.
    The children are the main affected
    Thus, submit to the Court a Regulatory Agreement by mutual agreement, fully customized according to family characteristics and to ensure the interests of the child in common, will be approved by both the Public Prosecutor and the Judge himself, but the best of all is that will satisfy both parents much more, despite the divorce.
    The Family Mediator is a professional trained in law, psychology and mediation techniques, where after a few sessions (usually between 4 and 8, one hour or two in duration, once or twice a week) the parents will be putting agreement on issues related to their children, both in the economic aspect, as in visits and custody, as well as in more specific details such as vacations, education, extracurricular activities, communications with parents, family situation, etc.
    Although each session is between 50 and 80 euros, this mediation is usually more economical than facing a contentious divorce, as well as faster. After reaching these agreements, the Regulatory Agreement is drawn up, which is presented to the Court together with the dissolution of the marriage.
    There are family mediators in all the Spanish provinces, and in most of the family courts. For more information, addresses and other aspects you can ask at law schools and psychologists’ colleges.

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